Triangle Nanny Centre

  Triangle Nanny Centre, LLC

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Triangle Nanny Centre, LLC

Why us?


We know what makes a great nanny!  We expect our nannies to be trustworthy, honest, and excellent caregivers. We focus on your individual needs and expectations. Meetings are scheduled in the evening or on weekends to keep your work schedule on track. We include an alias name search with every background screening, along with a screening of each alias. 

About Triangle Nanny Centre, LLC

We are so excited to offer our many years of child care experience to matching great nannies with great families.  We have experienced it all and now we get to share what we have learned, both as nannies and as parents.  Work with one of our nanny consultants to find an outstanding nanny to meet your family's needs.  We place nannies across the Triangle and in the  Wrightsville Beach area!

Nanny Consultants: Located in the Triangle and Beyond

Consultant - Wake Forest, NC     

Email: [email protected]

My nanny career began over 20 years ago, as a live-in nanny.  I lived with a great family for three years.  I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and I have taken courses in child and adolescent development.  After getting married, I became a live-out nanny.  When our daughter was born, I stayed home with her until she started preschool.  At that time, I became a preschool teacher.  As a parent and nanny, I found that being on both sides of this unique relationship brought a new perspective to matching families with highly qualified nannies.    - Joanne

Consultant - Wrightsville Beach, NC     

Email: [email protected] 

I have been a nanny and preschool teacher for over 20 years.  I was a live-in nanny for four years and then became a live-out nanny for many years.  During that time, I earned my degree in early childhood education and worked as a preschool teacher in Raleigh.  I love working with children and families.   I would love to help find a great nanny for your family.   - Penny     

Here at Triangle Nanny Centre, we find great nannies for great families. We know that finding the right fit for families and nannies can be overwhelming and we are here to help. So much trust goes into this journey and we believe being fully honest with needs and expectations builds long lasting relationships between nannies, parents, and most importantly, the children.    

Salaries and Hourly Wages
Most nannies in the Triangle average around $15 per hour. Some earn a bit less and some earn quite a bit more.  It all depends on experience, job duties, number of children, hours, and education. Overtime pay might become a factor as well.  Most often, nannies receive a guaranteed weekly or biweekly salary. In addition, nannies receive benefits like most careers. These can include health insurance, paid vacation, reimbursement for mileage used for carpool, etc., or the use of a family vehicle during work hours, overtime pay, bonuses, and paid expenses when traveling with the family.  Benefits are not guaranteed and vary by family.